Peaceful Rest Baptist Church
A Church Serving in the Love of God


Seniors on the Move

                                          Sis. Myrtle Brame

Sister Myrtle Brame, a native of Colorado has been with Peaceful Rest for over five years.  Sis Brame is a true worker in the house and for the Lord.  With being the president of Seniors on the Move, she sings in the choir, is the assistant to the Sunday School Superintendent, she is a honorary Usher and participates in the State Ushers Choir, she was a part of Glory Train Play.  Sis. Brame represents the church well at numerous church engagements with her many different characters as she ministers through song with them.  Her hobbies include crocheting, singing, making flower arranges, spending time with her grandchildren and most of all serving God.  Last, but not least, she if famous for her homemade brownies.